Carlijn Metselaar (1989) is a Dutch composer currently living in Cardiff, Wales. She is especially interested in creative collaboration and has worked with choreographers, directors, librettists and visual artists.

In 2017, Carlijn Metselaar completed a postgraduate degree in composition with distinction at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, studying with Lynne Plowman. She graduated from Utrecht Conservatoire with a Bachelor in Composition, and from Utrecht University with a Master of Musicology, including a music education qualification. Carlijn has taught music privately and in secondary schools in the Netherlands and in the UK. She also studied choral conducting as a one-year course at the Utrecht Conservatoire.

Her opera 'Martine&Martinus' was performed at the Dom Cathedral of Utrecht in 2016, for which she received a grant from the Dutch Performing Arts Fund.

In 2015, her piece 'Agnus Dei' for choir and string orchestra was performed as part of Sacrarium 2015 by Lviv Chamber Orchestra and the Galician Chamber Choir in Lviv, Ukraine. She composed music to accompany fashion designer Winde Rienstra's collection during Amsterdam Fashion Week 2012. Her children's cantate 'Muze gezocht' (text: Nina Moelker) was performed as part of Europa Cantat 2009 and performed by 800 schoolchildren in Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht. 

Recent compositions include In Limbo written for the Make An Aria Workshop with Music Theatre Wales and Leap, an orchestral miniature performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. She also wrote 'Well, Actually', a cabaret song about mansplaining commissioned by Musical Movements for Olga Vocal Ensemble.






Photo credit: C Dieleman

Photo credit: C Dieleman